Are you trying to improve your skills and technique or are you simply looking for a coach to help you get started?

Finding the right coach is not necessarily an easy task!

If your child is or you are starting up, the first coach that your child or you may have will be fundamental to his, her or your own development, as they will be laying the foundations of the game in place. They will also be able to advise your child or yourself on all the other areas of the game, such as competitions and physical training.

You may need to accept that the coach your child or you may have started playing with, as good as he may be, may not be the coach to take them or you forward.

The Malta Tennis Federation understands that there is an urgent need to develop and maintain a coaches register in Malta. The Federation understands that there is a need to develop the tennis coaching community in Malta.

Within the coming months it is therefore the intention of the Malta Tennis Federation to embark upon a number of initiatives particularly aimed at addressing these issues.

In the near future we hope to bring to your attention and on this site further information in respect of tennis coaching in Malta.