Davis Cup by Rakuten, Baku, Azerbaijan


Malta vs Iceland 2-1

Malta was involved in the promotion playoff earlier today against the strong Icelandic team.

Alex Degabriele was up first against Rafn Bonifacius. The match was a very tight affair with Rafn edging the first set with a tie break 7-6 (5). The second set was another close affair but the more experienced Icelandic player won it 6-3 to give the lead in the tie.

Next up was Matthew Asciak against Egill Sigurdsson. Matthew started very strongly and never allowed his opponent the opportunity to settle down. The superb play by Matthew allowed him to win the match 6-1; 6-0 to level the tie.

All was therefore hinging on the doubles encounter between Matthew Asciak/Alex Degabriele against Rafn Bonifacius and Daniel Siddall.
The match was, as expected, a nail biting affair. Both sets of players gave their best but after exchanging the early skirmishes the Icelanders closed out the first 6-4.

The second set saw our players playing with even more determination and they managed to turn the tables and win the second set by the same scoreline 6-4.

It was therefore all down to the deciding set to determine who gets promoted. Here our players continued to show the greater determination and composure to race away with the set and win 6-1 for a 4-6; 6-4; 6-1 final score.

Great performance and promotion secured. Well done and a big congratulations to everyone on the team!