Francesca Curmi reaches semi-final in Grade 1 – Pisa


    Francesca CURMI is currently participating in Grade 1 tournament in Pisa (Italy) one the highest-ranking tournaments on the junior circuit. So far, she has beaten the Italian prodigy Lisa PIGATO 6-2 6-1, Maria Gabriela Rivera CORADO world ranked 42 from Guatemala 7-5 7-6 during this match Francesca saved 4 sets against her in the first set and 3 sets points against her in the second set.

    In the third round Francesca beat Himaro SATO from Japan ranked 56 in the world 6-3 2-6 6-0 and today in the quarter finals after playing for 4 hours 21 mins she beat number 28 in the world Viktoriya KANAPATSKAYA 5-7 6-4 6-4.

    Tomorrow she plays semi-finals Stefania ROGOZINSKA world ranked 72 from Poland.

    These wins this week should rank Francesca top 60 in the world under 18.   In 2 weeks’ time Francesca will be participating in Junior Roland Garros.