Getting to know the players- Series


The Malta Tennis Federation has started a new series to take the views of our current top ranked junior and senior players on the following questions .Our seventh player is Betha Anne Mayo

Favourite international player : My favourite tennis player will still have to remain Roger Federer as I consider him the G.O.A.T. However lately I have also been enjoying Simona Halep’s game-play.

Favourite preferred surface : As all the courts in Malta are mainly hard-courts, and we all train and play on these type of courts, I have become comfortable on this surface.

Favourite sport besides tennis : When not playing tennis I really enjoy cycling and I also don’t mind playing some table-tennis too.

Favorite film: Recent movies I enjoyed watching are ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ which is very entertaining, and ‘CODA’ which is an excellent feel-good movie with a strong message.

Person you admire: There are so many persons I admire for so many different reasons and matters, so summing it up to one person would be quite difficult for me.