Getting to know the players-Series


The Malta Tennis Federation has started a new series to take the views of our current top ranked junior and senior players on the following questions.Our first player is Sean Grech.

Favourite International Player:

Taking a break from the infamous “Big 3”, from which my favourite player would be Novak Djokovic, my current favourite player is the Italian Matteo Berrettini. With his big serving game and heavy forehand, he is a joy to watch while also bringing new life into the Top 10 of the ATP Tour.

Preferred Surface:

Seeing that the main type of surface on the Island is hard court, with only 1 clay court available, I, like all other Maltese juniors, grew up playing on this surface. However, training camps and competitions abroad gave me the chance to play on clay courts, together with carpet courts. Still, being the surface I am always training on, hard court is my favourite surface.

Favourite Sport besides Tennis:

This choice would have to be between Formula 1 and football, with football trumping F1. I followed the family line in being an avid Nerazzurro (Interista) while also enjoying playing football with my friends. In Formula 1, I support Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team.

Favourite Film:

Although I prefer watching series to films, my favourite film would have to be the ‘Darkest Hour’. I always loved history and so, this masterpiece based on Britain’s WWII leader Winston Churchill is a film I would rewatch anytime.

Person I Admire:

The Danish former Inter midfielder, Christian Eriksen is a person that I greatly admire. After his near-death experience last summer, during the Euro 2020 match between Denmark and Finland, where his heart stopped and he was clinically dead for a number of minutes, Eriksen fought back to full fitness and is now able to play football again. In fact, just a few weeks ago he scored for his nation in the same stadium where he went through that horrible ordeal less than a year ago. His perseverance and will to continue playing the sport he loves, no matter what happens, is something that I greatly admire. He is definitely a role model for all sports persons around the globe.