Helen Asciak


    Helen Asciak has been inducted into the Malta Tennis Federation National Hall of Fame, recognizing her impressive tennis career. Asciak represented Malta internationally for many years in various tournaments, including the Billie Jean King Cup, the European Championships, the Games for European Small States, the Junior Wimbledon, and the Under-14 Australian Open. She played a staggering total of 58 matches for Malta in the Billie Jean King Cup alone, the most of any female player to date. At the young age of 13, Asciak became the youngest ever ladies’ national champion, quickly establishing herself as one of Malta’s top tennis players due to her exceptional athleticism and competitive spirit.

    One of the many highlights of Asciak’s career was her successful doubles partnership with Carol Curmi. The two were a dominant force in doubles tennis, earning numerous victories and accolades. In 1987, Asciak and Curmi made history by winning the GSSE ladies’ doubles event in Monaco, earning the country a gold medal.

    In 1993, she was awarded Gieh ir-Repubblika by the then President of the Republic, Dr Censu Tabone for her contributions to sport in Malta.

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