Kinder+ Sport organized its third International Master edition at Monte-Carlo


The Kinder + Sport Tennis trophy 2019 came to an end and as previous editions attracted a large number of participants. During this wonderful event, participants’ had the opportunity to meet all the young players in Monte-Carlo.

Coaches of the Official Teams have joined their respective participants to coordinate and support them through the event. The young players, who had been the guest stars of this wonderful adventure, enjoyed every minute of the tournament. The Malta Tennis Federation sent a group of five participants who participated in their respective categories.

The regular update on the Kinder+ Sport event from the organiser’s and the meeting held prior to departure by the Malta Tennis Federation, ensured that all participants are well prepared and familiar with the proposed program. The feedback on the International Master tournament was very positive with the organiser’s addressing the tiniest details to accommodate the participants and accompanying teams. The detailed communication prior to the competition through the Federation and the organiser’s was well timed and scheduled. Even the transport provided from the airport made it easier to all participants to get to the Country Club and start training immediately without any loss of time. The organizers provided an excellent daily shuttle service from the hotel to the country club. The tournament organizer’s made it possible to provide courts for warmup sessions to everyone. The hotel was of a very high standard. The overall place was beautiful with an amazing atmosphere all around.


The tournament was very competitive and of a high standard. However, as well promoted prior to the International event great importance was given to fair play. The participants engaged well the philosophy and took it very seriously. But the opportunity to meet top players such as Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic fulfilled participants’ dreams.


The Maltese participants did very well and all had a very good run with two of them reaching the semi-finals in the main draw. The feedback from the participants was clear. This was definitely a great experience where all made new international friends, shared experiences, developed a keen attitude to opponents and became stronger players for upcoming tournaments both local and abroad. 

During their stay at the Monte-Carlo Country Club all participants spent a joyful time at the “Village Kinder Joy of moving” and, furthermore, they had a variety of additional fun activities. These included the following:

  • Friday, 18th : Cultural Lunch at the Pavillon de la Bergerie (Monte-Carlo Country Club) with gadget exchange among the participants of the International Master;
  • Friday, 18th : Official Ceremony on the central court at Monte-Carlo Country Club with our Ambassador Ivan Ljubičić, former world number 3 and current coach of Roger Federer;
  • Saturday, 19th: Cultural Visit to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. (The participation to the Museum was on request and free for all the players and official coaches).
  • Sunday, 20th: Parent/Child Matches and Ivan Ljubičić Meet & Greet at Monte-Carlo Country Club.

The Monte-Carlo International Masters gave the experience of the Joy of moving to the fullest without any means.