Marsa Sports Club | Malta Open 2023 | Finals and Presentation


Marsa Sports Club | Malta Open 2023 | Finals and Presentation

Earlier today marked the conclusion of the Malta Open 2023, featuring three finals in the men’s singles, ladies’ singles, and men’s doubles categories. The day commenced at 2 pm.

The first final was the ladies’ singles, featuring Emma Montebello against Carla Baldacchino. Montebello made a strong start, winning the first set 6-0; , despite Baldacchino’s commendable efforts during several points. In the second set, Baldacchino seemed to regain her footing by securing some excellent points and an early game.

However, it wasn’t sufficient to overcome Montebello’s dominance, as she took the second set 6-1;.

The second final was the highly anticipated men’s singles match between Liam Delicata and Bas De Laat. Both players exhibited top form during the first set, with Delicata winning the opening four games. De Laat persisted in a crucial fifth game, resulting in multiple deuces as both players displayed remarkable tennis skills. Despite De Laat’s best efforts, Delicata claimed the first set 6-0;. The second set played out similarly to the first, with Delicata securing the games cleanly and winning the set 6-0;. The final score was 6-0; 6-0; in favor of Delicata.

The last final featured the men’s doubles, featuring Liam Delicata and Marcus Delicata against Mark Gatt and Benjamin Farrugia. The Delicata duo displayed their wealth of experience and synergy during the first set, winning it 6-0;, despite Gatt and Farrugia’s impressive plays. The second set saw Gatt and Farrugia making a resurgence, winning two games. However, the Delicata duo showcased their tenacity, securing the remaining games to close the set 6-2;

After the finals, a presentation was held by Dr. David Farrugia Sacco, the President of the Malta Tennis Federation, and Anthony Mifsud, Chairman of the Marsa Sports Club Tennis Section. They expressed their gratitude to the tournament director, Jevon Dimech, the referee, Mohab Fahmi, the line judges, umpires, and other on-court staff for their passionate work, which made a successful tournament like this possible.They also extended their thanks to all the players, both winners and runners-up, as well as the enthusiastic spectators for their unwavering support.Anthony Mifsud also expressed his gratitude towards Gatorade,the main sponsor of the tournament for their support.

Dr. David Farrugia Sacco then presented Godwin Borg, Chairman of the Marsa Sports Club, with a memento as recognition for hosting the Malta Open successfully over all these years. He also spoke about the founding of The Malta Tennis Federation in 1966 and how in 1967, the first Malta Open was held, which was won by Eddie Delicata, who happens to be the grandfather of this year’s men’s singles open winner, Liam Delicata.This is also Liam Delicata’s first time winning the Malta Open.

Following their speeches, the winners and runners-up were presented with their well-deserved trophies.