1. Name and objects
The Association shall be called MALTA TENNIS FEDERATION (FEDERAZZJONI MALTIJA TENNIS). The objects of the Federation shall be to promote the interests of the game of tennis in Malta, to sanction, co-ordinate and maintain a standard for such competitions as are approved by the Federation, to decide any disputed matters which arise in the game, to ensure that all affiliated bodies abide by the laws of the game a laid down by the International Tennis Federation, and to carry out acts which are deemed desirable in the interests of the game.

2. Affiliation and Membership
The Malta Tennis Federation is a full member of the International Tennis Federation, Tennis Europe, the Maltese Olympic Committee and the Malta Sports Council; it may also at its discretion seek association / affiliation / membership to other bodies and may subscribe to any organisation it deems fit in the best interest of the game.

  1. All apolitical clubs / organisations / associations / participating in the Federation’s activities may be affiliated to the Federation. Such clubs / organisations / associations shall notify the Federation of the date of their Annual General Meeting / Extraordinary General Meeting and the names and addresses of their elected President and Secretary. They shall also forward an up to date copy of their statute whenever this is amended. The Malta Tennis Federation may send a representative to the A.G.M. / E.G.M. of the various clubs

  2. Only bona fide clubs and organisations / associations acceptable to the M.T.F. shall be affiliated.

3. Constitution
The Federation shall consist of:

a) Directly affiliated clubs:

  1. ‘A’ Member Clubs who are sanctioned by the M.T.F. to organise one or more international events held locally, organise local events, and have 50 [fifty] or more tennis players registered with the M.T.F;

  2. ‘B’ Member Clubs being clubs that organise local events, and have 30 [thirty] or more tennis players registered with the M.T.F;

b) Indirectly affiliated clubs being clubs that organise local events but have less than 30 [thirty] tennis players registered with the M.T.F;

4. Membership

  1. The subscription shall be paid by the 31st January of each year. Clubs or organisations under any pecuniary liability by the 1st April shall not (at the discretion of the Council) be allowed to attend General Meetings of to take part in any activities or enjoy any of the benefits of the Federation.

  2. A club shall be required to stage at least one of the following activities on a yearly basis namely:

    • an Open Tournament;

    • an Internal Tournament made up of twenty four persons;

    • hold junior coaching approved by the Federation.

  3. During the month of September of each year, the Executive shall review the position of all clubs and ensure that these are in line with the requirements laid down in its Statute.

  4. Should the Executive believe that a club or clubs fall short of the requirements laid down in the Statute, they shall submit each case separately to the Council that is to be convened by the end of the month of September to decide the matter by either confirming the club or clubs status as a compliant member or else may decide to freeze the club or clubs membership, thereby freezing their membership rights including the right to vote.

  5. Any Member and another Member seconding such Member may submit a request to the Executive to review the operation of a particular club and the Executive is to report its review of the said club to the Council that is to be convened by the end of the month of September to decide the matter by either confirming the club or clubs status as a compliant member or else may decide to freeze the club or clubs membership, thereby freezing its membership rights including the right to vote.

  6. In no circumstance may a decision to freeze a clubs membership be taken later than the month of October of the said calendar year.

  7. A club which has been informed that its status has been frozen may take measures to rectify its position and shall subsequently submit to the Council a request to re activate its Membership status. The Council shall decide such matter by the end of the month of December and such decision shall be final. A fresh request for review may be entered at any time following the Annual General Meeting.

5. Governing Body
a) The governing body of the Federation shall consist of the Council and the Executive.
b) The Executive shall be made up of the President, the Deputy President, the Financial Officer and the Secretary General.

c) The Council will be composed of the Executive together with one representative from each club directly affiliated to the M.T.F. as well as one representative
nominated by all indirectly affiliated clubs as defined in rule 3. All will have power to vote.
d) The representative of the indirectly affiliated clubs shall be elected for a period of two years (coinciding with the election of the Executive) during the meeting held for this purpose either before the Annual General Meeting, or if there arises a vacancy within one month of such vacancy. During the same meeting a substitute delegate shall be elected to attend the Council when the representative cannot attend. Only indirectly affiliated clubs shall vote for their representative and substitute delegate. Indirectly affiliated clubs will have a representative on the Council provided that there is a minimum of three (3) such clubs.
e) All clubs or organisations are to nominate their representatives within two weeks of the Annual General Meeting.
f) Representatives failing to attend three consecutive Council meetings shall have to be substituted by their club and shall not be allowed to represent their club for the ensuing part of the administrative year.
g) The quorum of a Council meeting shall be six (6) including the members of the Executive, and for a General Meeting 25% of the number entitled to be present and to vote. In the absence of a quorum, a General Meeting will be held half an hour later when business may be carried out, provided that at least five voting members are present. Should there be less than five voting members present, the Chairman shall adjourn the meeting by not more than 30 days.
h) When in Council or General Meetings, a decision by a bare majority is required, should this result in a draw, a second vote shall be taken. Should this also prove to be inconclusive, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

6. Subscriptions
The annual subscription, which may be altered by the Council when deemed necessary, shall be:
1. Lm15.00,0 for directly affiliated clubs;
2. Lm 5.00,0 for indirectly affiliated clubs;

The subscription shall be paid by the 31st January of each year. Clubs or organisations under any pecuniary liability by the 1st April shall not (at the discretion of the Council) be allowed to attend General Meetings of to take part in any activities or enjoy any of the benefits of the Federation.

Each club or organisation shall be responsible to see that players registered with the M.T.F. will pay Lm1 per year (juniors under 18 years of age – 50 cents) to the Federation.

Those players taking part in tournaments and activities organised and / or sanctioned by the Federation must be registered with the M.T.F. The participation fee in itself does not constitute registration.

7. (1) Powers of the Council
The Council shall:
a) carry out the objects of the Federation as specified in Rule 1;
b) appoint any one of its members to act on the committee of management of an official tournament or open / tournament competitions in the Maltese Islands;
c) be the final authority for the interpretation of the game and the Rules of Tennis;
d) authorise the organisation of open tournaments an to prohibit the holding of unauthorised open / international tennis tournaments;
e) prohibit any act or practice by clubs or organisations etc. which in the opinion of the Council is detrimental to the interest of the game;
f) inflict penalties on clubs, organisations, committees, persons for any infringement of the Rules of the game, Rules and Regulations of the Federation, or for conduct which in the opinion of the Council is detrimental to the interest of the game;
g) consider and deal with all applications for direct or indirect affiliation and decide all questions as to the right to representation at meetings;
h) decide all questions of eligibility of persons nominated for the Council;
i) enlist for co-option for any purpose the services of outsiders;
j) form sub-committees for any special purpose;
k) appoint, if it deems necessary an Assistant Secretary General, and Public Relations Officer;
l) consider and suspend Council members who without the prior authority of the Federation deal with, divulge to outsiders or contribute to the media on matters pertaining to the M.T.F.

(2) Functions of the Executive Council
3. Members of the Executive Council shall have the power to:-
a) deal with all business of the M.T.F. (not policy);
b) see to the day to day management according to the policy set by the Council;
c) deal with urgent business of the M.T.F. on behalf of the M.T.F. These decisions are to be ratified later at the first Council Meeting;
d) raise funds and take charge of teams representing the M.T.F.;
e) do anything which is ancillary to or connected with the above Powers of the Executive Council;
f) attend ex officio any sub-committee meeting.

4. Duties of the Officers forming the Administrative Council;
a) The PRESIDENT shall be responsible for calling all meetings of the Council and shall preside at all Council meetings. He shall have unlimited authority over every question of order unless challenged or overruled by a majority of the members present. The President shall have a casting vote in addition to his ordinary vote.

b) The DEPUTY PRESIDENT shall perform the duties of the President in the latter’s absence and together with the President shall be directly responsible to represent the M.T.F with all local and international bodies to which the M.T.F is a member.

c) The FINANCE OFFICER shall be shall be responsible for all matters relating to Finance including matters involving the funds of the M.T.F. and the maintenance of proper books of account. He shall maintain an account with a bank. All cheques shall be signed by any two members of the Executive duly appointed for that purpose.

d) The SECRETARY GENERAL shall summon Council meetings, keep the minutes of each meeting, look after the correspondence of the M.T.F., and help the President to prepare the agenda of each meeting.

8. The Annual General Meeting
a) The Annual General Meeting shall be convened on any day during the month of January for the purpose of:-

  1. Reading of the minutes of the last A.G.M. and E.G.M.

  2. The President’s Annual Report

  3. The Financial Report

  4. Election of the Executive

  5. Appointment of an Auditor

  6. Any other matter of which due notice has been given in writing to the Council fifteen (15) days before.

b) The Agenda of the A.G.M. shall be circulated to each club not less than twenty one
(21) days prior to the date of the meeting.
c) (i) Each directly affiliated club as per rule 3 (a) may send up to two members with power to vote. Those clubs with over fifty M.T.F. registered players may send up to a maximum of three members with power to vote.
(ii) Indirectly affiliated clubs may send one member with power to vote.
d) The accidental non-receipt of a notice by any affiliated body shall not invalidate the proceeding of a General Meeting.

e) Retirement of Officers – The term of office for each member of the Executive shall be as follows:

President – a four year term;
Deputy President – a three year term;
Finance Officer – a three year term;
Secretary General – a three year term;

The members of the Executive shall continue to hold office until to conclusion of the yearly A.G.M. at which they retire when their term of office expires. Any casual vacancy occurring in the aforesaid offices may be filled up by an E.G.M.
f) Nominations – Candidates for members of the Executive namely President, Deputy President, Finance Officer and Secretary should be duly proposed and seconded thirty (30) days prior to the A.G.M with the exception of the post of President who is to be proposed and seconded sixty (60) days prior to the A.G.M. Each official shall be proposed and seconded by two different clubs. Such nominations shall be duly signed by an authorised official of the Club. Any non compliance with the said form of nomination shall automatically disqualify a candidate.
g) On election the President shall not hold any other administrative office on the committees of tennis clubs and tennis organisations. All members of the Executive shall also have to declare any direct business interests in the game.
h) The nomination of Honorary Presidents and of Honorary Members may be proposed and approved during the A.G.M.
i) Only members representing their clubs will be allowed to be present during the Annual General Meeting. However each club may nominate one additional person to attend as observer, provided that he is a Committee Member of that club.

9. Special General Meetings
a) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held not more than four weeks after the Council shall have received a request in writing from not less than two directly of four indirectly (or one directly and two indirectly) affiliated bodies. Such a request shall state the matter to be discussed.
b) The Council shall give not less than fifteen days’ notice of a General Meeting to all clubs and organisations entitled to attend. Such notice shall set for the Agenda for the meeting.

10. Alteration to the Rules
Any alterations to these rules shall be made only in a General Meeting after at least fifteen days due notice, on majority of two-thirds of the members present and voting.

11. Auditor
An auditor shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

12. Financial Year
The Financial Year of the Federation shall be from the 1st January to the 31st December.

13. Honours
The Council may at its discretion award colours emblems, certificates of prizes and may confer honorary distinctions.

14. Tournaments
Clubs or organisations intending to hold tournaments should advise the Council by the end of December of each year of the dates such tournaments are being held. The Council will try to avoid tournaments clashing with one another.

15. Conditions Governing Players
The Council has full power to suspend any player who fails to comply with any of the following conditions :

a) A player must at all times accept the authority of the Federation.
b) When playing in any event under the jurisdiction of another National Association, a player is required to comply with the rules of that National Association.
c) A player shall place himself at the disposal of the Federation when required to prepare for and to take part in events for which he may be selected to represent his country. If he declines without good reason, he shall render himself / herself liable to be suspended.
d) A player shall not play in a tournament, match, exhibition match or against a person who is under suspension.
e) A player shall not contribute under his own name to the press, broadcast or television, in regard to or during time of any tournament in which he is entered as a player, except with the previous approval of the Federation.
f) A player shall not advertise in any way within the precincts of a tournament, match or competition in which he is entered as a competitor if so directed by the M.T.F.

16. Applications
Applications for direct or indirect affiliation must be made to the Secretary and the reception and rejection of such application shall be at the discretion of the Council, whose decision shall be final.

17. Registration
Any affiliated club may resign its membership of the Federation provided notice in writing reaches the Hon. Secretary by the 31st December otherwise the club shall be liable for payment of the subscription for the following year.

18. Dissolution
Upon dissolution of the Federation, its assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid, shall be disposed of in accordance with the wishes of the majority of those entitled to vote at the General Meetings.


As amended by the Annual General Meeting held on the 30th January 2007, the Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 26th April 2007, and the Annual General Meeting held on the 31st January 2011.