TCK Open 2023-Finals and Presentation


Today marked the 8th and last day of the TCK Open 2023. The final match between the top two seeds Liam Delicata and Bas De Laat started at 9 am.

The match began with both players sharing the initial exchanges. As the set progressed, Delicata consistently came out on top and secured a 6-2 victory. During the second set, Delicata refined his play, while De Laat struggled to keep up. Delicata dominated the second set with a score of 6-0, ultimately clinching the championship title 6-2, 6-0.

Following the match, a presentation was held, presided over by Malta Tennis Federation President Dr. David Farrugia Sacco and Tournament Director Mary Muscat. They expressed their gratitude to the players, spectators, the club, the organizers, Tournament Referee Stephen Caruana, and the main sponsor for the tournament, the Malta Tourism Authority, for their hard work in making this tournament another success. Tournament winner Liam Delicata and Runner-Up Bas de Laat were then presented with their awards.

That concludes our coverage of the TCK Open 2023. Keep following the page for more updates, including the latest results, fixtures, and photos from the national Open tennis circuit.